Goods you have ordered for which we have confirmed that the order has been processed will be delivered to your desired shipping address by express courier service within 48 hours, except when the order is placed during weekend or holidays, in which case the delivery term is taken from the first working day after the weekend or holiday. Delivery is available only for the territory of the Republic of Serbia without Kosovo.

Exceptions and delivery term prolongation can occur if the receiver is not present at the address on the first attempt of the delivery, bad weather conditions or other unforeseen situations.

Delivery costs:

Minimum amount of the order for which FREE DELIVERY is approved is 12.500,00 RSD with VAT. Free delivery does not include certain items on which you will be timely notified. In case that the goods are not delivered to the required address even after the repeat delivery as a fault of the receiver, the costs of subseqent delivery bears the buyer. 

AGRIMAR has provided our customers with the best buying terms and the lowest delivery cost.  

Pick up in person:

Legal entities, if they wish, can pick up the goods in person at the wholesale warehouse
In this case you need to make the payment in advance. Our address and working hours can be found on our contact page. 

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