Payment options

  1. Payment upon pick up (to the courier service)
  2. Payment of the invoice from your bank account
  3. Payment slip

1. Payment upon pick up

The goods will be sent by courier service to a required address, and you will pay for it to the courier upon pick up.  

2. Payment of the invoice

Legal entities upon filling in the order will receive a pro-forma invoice from us (sent to you by e-mail or fax). Once we receive your payment, we will move to deliver the products - either through a courier service or by pick up in person.  

3. Payment slip

When you pay with the payment slip it implies that the order can be directly paid for by the payment at any post office or bank or over the internet, if you have an access to your account (e-banking). Detailed information required to be written on the payment slip you will get by e-mail immediately after you confirm your order. Once we receive your payment, ordered products are packed and sent to the desired shipping address. 

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