About Us

AGRIMAR d.o.o. is one of the largest and certainly most complete company in the distribution of transmission power components (belts, roller chains, bearings) and agriculture spare parts.

Our company distributes a unique range of good quality brands. 

Our main business is in wholesale. Our aim is to become for our partners supplier number one and to offer support to more than 200 customers who sell our products to consumers. 

AGRIMAR d.o.o. has been founded as far back as in 1994. Since that day until today, the company has marked constant growth. We own our warehouse and business location at an exquisite loaction near Belgrade, next to the highway E-70 and E-75 (Beograd-Zagreb and Beograd-Novi Sad). This enables us with fast goods delivery to all the parts of Serbia and the countries of the region. We ship the desired items quickly and offer constant technical support. 

We nurture responsible, precise, dynamic and committed relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners. We would like our customers and suppliers to be aware that cooperation with us increases the value of their business. 

In order to secure long-term success, considering the growing number of sustainability challenges, we have constantly been committed to achieve our goals.